Kumarapuram-An introduction

Original Post in Tamil: By Suresh Kumar

Kumarapuram is a panchayat town with Padmanabhapuram as its state assembly constituency in the green and vibrant Kanyakumari District. This enchanting town also includes a part of Kodhanaloor and Velimalai. It is tucked between Thovalai, Thiruvattar, Verkilambi and Kodhanallur.

The Panchayat town comprises the small towns Manalikarai, Manakkavilai, Poovangaparambu, Kotticode, Koozhakadai, Karumbarai, Kaithodu, Perinchilambu, Pannipothai, Velimalai. Many years back the towns Perunchilambu, Pannipothai, Velimalai etc had rich agriculture lands. All these small towns that were once known for their sprawling paddy fields have given way to Rubber Estates. Most of the estates belong to the Kurian group or Cyras Kingsly.

There is a police station in Kotticode to ensure law and order. The once outpost has been renamed as the Kotticode Police station.

 People place much emphasize on education. This is evident from the quality of educational institutions and the high literacy rate. This small Panchayat town boasts of a literacy rate of 85%.  The St. Mary Goretty School located in Manalikarai is a renowned educational institution in Tamil Nadu that consistently produces toppers in the State Board Examinations. There are other educational institutions like Girls Higher secondary school Manalikarai, Kotticode government school, CSI Mead memorial English School, Oxford English School Kotticode, Governmenet middle school Perunchilambu, English school Chollapuram, ITI  Manalikarai along with a plethora of tutorials and tuition centers.